For a proofreader, a dictionary is an important tool and we chose this as the inspiration for the typographic Dd logo. The supporting fonts and how they are used represent a dictionary entry. The flexibility of the dictionary inspired concept carries across all marketing material.

We created a promotional calendar which folds into a poster and includes dictionary-type entries for each month of the year. For example, October: Oo — Ooeeeooh (also Wooh sometimes Boo) representing a spooky noise, made suddenly to surprise or frighten someone, frequently on 31st October.

"Working with Eighth Day is a collaborative thing. Before they begin a project they get to know you, ask lots of questions and listen. The process is fun and the end results are clever, brilliant and carefully crafted. For a proofreader, attention to detail is everything and I teamed up with the perfect partner … as you see here. I love everything they’ve produced for me!”

Diane Davies