Sewing Patterns for Stylish Wearable Clothes. We created a brand that captured the craft and heritage of pattern-making. Bespoke type, informed by traditional stencil lettering found on dress mannequins, expresses their character and creates a modern, flexible, coherent and most of all an authentic brand.

As with everything we do, an eco friendly solution was key to the sewing patterns packaging. We designed them to have an expandable capacity and a string tie fastener, ideal for repeat use and to avoid using glue.

The brand has grown to encompass a magazine. Now in its fourth year, it has become a celebration of independent makers and designers. Each magazine includes a versatile pattern stitched to the centre as featured on the front cover.

"It was a unique and untried concept that I was proposing, but Eighth Day were undaunted by the prospect. They have worked tirelessly to produce what you see here; the attention to detail sits perfectly with The Maker's Atelier's design sensibility and company ethos. I can't thank Eighth Day enough for helping me bring The Maker's Atelier to market."
Frances Tobin, Founder of The Maker's Atelier